Depth Estimation by Fusing Stereo and Wireless Sensor Locations.

David Scherba and Peter Bajcsy

Technical Report NCSA-ALG04-0008, December 2004

We present a novel application of wireless sensor networks to calibrate depth maps obtained through stereopsis. The motivation of our work is to increase the accuracy of 3D information obtained from (a) wireless sensor networks using localization, and (b) camera pairs using stereopsis. The goal of this report is not only to overview the current wireless sensor localization and stereopsis techniques, but also to summarize the challenges we have faced in terms of automation and accuracy of depth estimation by fusing stereo depth maps and wireless sensor locations.

In our work, we use Crossbow, Inc., wireless "smart" sensors and a Canon digital camera to obtain experimental data. We perform a variety of experiments to assess accuracy of depth estimations using localization and steropsis. Finally, we include our quantitative and qualitative results obtained by fusing stereo and wireless sensor locations.