3D Medical Volume Reconstruction Using Web Services.

Rob Kooper, Andrew Shirk, Sang-Chul Lee, Amy Y. Lin, Robert Folberg and Peter Bajcsy

Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 05), Orlando, p709-16, 2005

We address the problem of 3D medical volume reconstruction using web services. The use of proposed web services is motivated by the fact that the problem of 3D medical volume reconstruction requires significant computer resources and human expertise in medical and computer science areas.

Web services were implemented as an additional layer to a dataflow framework called Data to Knowledge. In the collaboration between UIC and NCSA, pre-processed input images at NCSA were made accessible to medical collaborators for registration. Every time medical collaborators inspected images and selected corresponding features for registration, the web server at NCSA was contacted and the registration processing query was executed using the Image to Knowledge library of registration methods. Co-registered frames were returned for verification by medical collaborators in a new window.

This paper presents 3D volume reconstruction problem requirements, architecture of the developed prototype system and the tradeoffs of our system design.