An Integrated Cyberenvironment for Event-Driven Environmental Research and Education.

Peter Bajcsy

Pacific Grid Applications and Middleware Activities (PRAGMA 11), October 15-18, Osaka, Japan, 2006

This talk and demonstration will give an overview of an integrated cyberenvironment for event-driven environmental research and education, which is under development at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) within the Environmental CyberInfrastructure Demonstration (ECID) project. The ECID cyberenvironment includes five major integrated components.

The first component is a user-friendly meta-workflow service called CyberIntegrator, which is designed to support easy integration of heterogeneous tools, models, and workflow components. The second component is a collaboration service called CyberCollaboratory, which is a portal with integrated collaboration tools. The third component is a back-end metadata system created with RDF technology that harvests users? activities in the cyberenvironment. The fourth component is a technology called CyberInfrastructure Knowledge Networks on the Web (CI-KNOW), which uses the metadata with social networking algorithms to make referrals. The fifth component is an event broker that provides support for managing real-time events across the cyberenvironment, launching activities and providing notifications based on user subscriptions.

Several use cases will be presented to illustrate the applications of developed cyberenvironment components.