Web-Based Access to Large Volumes of Airborne Multi-Year Multi-Spectral Imagery.

Qi Li, Michal Ondrejcek, Rob Kooper, Kevin Franklin and Peter Bajcsy

2008 NCSA Private Sector (PSP) Annual Meeting, May 12-14, NCSA, Illinois (2008)

We present a poster and a demonstration of a prototype system for Web-based access to large volumes of airborne multi-year multi-spectral imagery of Costa Rica. This collaborative project with the National Center for Advanced Technology Studies (CeNAT) in Costa Rica poses challenges in terms of (a) de-warping airborne images without known warping characteristics, (b) geo-referencing images with limited and uncertain information, (c) spatial mosaicking of a large number of image tiles, (d) re-projecting images into a target projection and a datum, (e) building an efficient pyramid-based representation for fast retrieval and (f) providing a multi-layered interface to multi-year multi-spectral imagery. The data sets of high spatial resolution consist of hyperspectral and near infrared imagery over two years equal to about 1TB.

We will demonstrate the prototype system using Open Layers and Google map interfaces.