Tele-immersive spaces for future business communication.

Presenter: Peter Bajcsy, NCSA
Authors: Peter Bajcsy, Kenton McHenry, Rob Kooper, Rahul Malik, Andrew Spencer, Suk Kyu Lee, and Hye Jung Na

2009 NCSA Private Sector (PSP) Annual Meeting, May 13-15, NCSA, Illinois (2009)

This poster presents a prototype system for real-time 3D scene reconstruction using visible and thermal infrared spectrum cameras that are connected with other similar systems located at multiple geographical locations. Our tele-immersive system, called TEEVE, enables interaction between users in the same virtual space by digitally cloning the users in real-time and immersing them into a common 3D virtual space.

The goal of this research and development is to remove physical distances, enable collaboration, and to provide technologies for 3D rehabilitation. Our work addresses the problems related to design, robustness and deployment of such systems. We present components for optimal placement of multiple cameras, color calibration, robust foreground detection, 3D information integration, data compression, and rendering of cloned and synthetic objects.