Digital observatories require online portals where data, models, and resources are easily accessible by a community.


The NCSA CyberCollaboratory is a portal environment which contains services for users engaged in environmental engineering and hydrological sciences. Built on the open source Liferay portal, the CyberCollaboratory contains customized JSR-168 compliant portlets to call workflow and modeling services, data management tools, collaboration tools, document repositories, recommender systems, and other capabilities. The CyberCollaboratory is deployed in a Tomcat container and Apache web server in conjunction with a MySQL database backend to host the environment and host domain-specific content.


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Funding for ECID technology development comes from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research.


Interested in ECID?  Join the ecid-support list by sending email to majordomo@ncsa.uiuc.edu   with the phrase "subscribe ecid-support" in the body of the email.

The CyberDashboard is a stand-alone Java application that accompanies and communicates with the CyberCollaboratory portal through a publish/subscribe messaging service using the event broker. Users download the CyberDashboard to their desktop and subscribe to portal monitoring services. Information regarding workflows, user activities, and other activities in the portal is passed to/from the CyberDashboard through the event manager.