Event Manager and Event Driven Architecture


Responding to real-time changes and events in a timely manner is an important requirement for adaptive observation and study. An event-driven architecture defines a methodology for designing and implementing applications and systems in which events are transmitted between loosely coupled software components and services. Building applications and systems around an event-driven architecture allows these applications and systems to be constructed in a manner that facilitates more responsiveness, because event-driven systems are, by design, more normalized to unpredictable and asynchronous environments.




Funding for ECID technology development comes from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research.


Interested in ECID?  Join the ecid-support list by sending email to majordomo@ncsa.uiuc.edu   with the phrase "subscribe ecid-support" in the body of the email.

The ECID Event Manager uses a publish-subscribe service powered by JMS (Java Messaging Service) with semantics-enhanced messages that use RDF (Resource Description Framework) triples to allow the exchange of contextual information about the event between the event generators and the event consumers


Non-scheduled, event-driven collaboration effectively reduces the barrier to collaboration for scientists and engineers and promotes much faster turnaround time for critical environmental events.


Real-time updating and modeling is supported by CyberIntegrator to allow event-triggered execution of specific meta-workflows.