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The CyberIntegrator is a system for complex problem-solving, designed to facilitate data manipulation and data analysis via exploratory workflow integration. The key scientific merits of the CyberIntegrator include:


  • Integration of multiple heterogeneous software tools while hiding the complexities of their combination;
  • Collection of provenance information about scientific analyses and data use;
  • Creation of easy-to-use human-computer interfaces for creating and executing workflow processes, enabling step-by-step exploration and script-based modes and aiding research through a provenance-to-recommendation pipeline; and
  • Execution of tools and workflows based on events occurring within or outside the CyberIntegrator to support event-driven analyses.


The CyberIntegrator has been applied to three modeling efforts characterized by distributed data sources, large data size, and distributed near-real-time sensing.






Funding for ECID technology development comes from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research.


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