I2K Software Functionality Overview:

Overview: The objective of the I2K suite of tools is to research and develop solutions to real life problems in the application areas of machine vision, precision farming, land use and land cover classification, map analysis, geo-spatial information systems (GIS), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) target and multi-spectral scene modeling, video surveillance, bio-informatics, microscopy and medical image processing, and advanced sensor environments. The main goal of the I2K research and development is to automate information processing of repetitive, laborious and tedious analysis tasks and build user-friendly decision-making systems that operate in automated or semi-automated mode in a variety of applications. The development is based on theoretical foundations of image and video processing, computer vision, data fusion, statistical and spectral modeling, data mining and pattern recognition, software engineering and sensor design.

Software Description: This software contains (A) general tools and (B) custom-made tools for processing two-dimensional multivariate (multi-band) images, as well as, (C) software tools that operate with various hardware components, such as, spectral cameras, audio equipment and programmable MEMS sensors. The classes for these tools are named as follows:

(A) General software tools:

BlobTrace (silhouette analysis)
CalibrateDialog (image calibration)
GaborFilterBank (texture analysis)
GammaDialog (intensity adjustment)
GeoCoorValDialog (lat/long <-> row/colum conversion)
GridLine (grid alignment)
Histogram (image histogram)
HS2RGBDialog (hyperspectral to RGB image conversion)
ImageCompareDialog (measured and synthetic image comparison)
ImageDistributionDialog (estimate image PDF parameters)
ImagePCA (image principal component analysis)
ImCalculator (image calculator)
ImStats (image statistics)
Isodata (isodata clustering or an n-class classification problem)
IsTexture (texture vs. non-texture pixel classification)
RankBand (rank image bands)
RegistrationFrame (register sets of images)
Seg2DSuperDialog (supervised 2D segmentation)
Stereo (depth from image stereo)
Threshold (image thresholding or a two-class classification problem)

(B) Custom-made software tools:

ClustGeoPts (aggregation of geographical regions based on their attributes)
Contour (extracting iso-contours from maps)
FaceDetectDialog (face detection)
GeoFeatureDialog (statistics of continuous raster data per regions defined by vector data)
GeoFeatureHistDialog (frequency of occurrence of categorical raster data per regions defined by vector data)
GeoTableEval (evaluation of multiple partitions of geographical regions)
GridFeatures (grid screening and feature extraction)
GridLineFeatDialog (inspection of microarray images)
SegGeoPts (aggregation of contiguous geographical regions based on their attributes)
TrackDialog (object tracking in a temporal image sequence)


(C) Software tools operating with hardware components:

SpeechRec (speech recognition of a small word dictionary - audio hardware)
StrainAnalysis (data fusion of raster and point measurements - Krypton and Stress Photonics instruments used by structural engineers)
CameraCalibMEMS (spectral camera calibration using MEMS sensors - thermal IR camera & MICA motes hardware)
GestureTracker (gesture recognition software using IS300Pro orientation tracker)


Input and Output of Images:

Input Description

Output Description

Viewing Images:

2D Visualization Description

3D Visualization Description